Top 10 WooCommerce Extensions for Marketing

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Setting up an e-commerce store with WooCommerce is the first step, but not the last! The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly and unless you spend a considerable amount of time and effort on your products’ marketing strategy, you’ll be left behind.

WooCommerce has a wide-range of extensions to help you out with your store’s marketing efforts. We’ve narrowed down some of the best WooCommerce extensions for marketing. Let’s take a look…

Predictive Marketing for WooCommerce


Graphflow is the most robust predictive marketing tools for WooCommerce. This extension enables you to reveal key insights and automate timely promotions in you WooCommerce store. A predictive marketing tool foretells when it’s a good time to offer discounts and promotional packages using big data analysis.

Price: Free

Instant Search +


Instant Search + is a robust, cloud-based instant search extension by WooCommerce that increases your conversion rates. The extension is backed by CDN and provides the fastest results for your WooCommerce store users regardless of their location.

Instant Search + implements a learning search algorithm which means that the search improves continuously over time as more and more visitors use it. It also features high relevance search results and dynamically generated filters to make the overall search experience better.

Price: Free (for up to 50 products)

WooCommerce Wishlists


If you’ve wanted to let your WooCommerce sites visitors create wishlists then WooCommerce Wishlists is the extension you’ve been waiting for. This extension can be used on all kinds of e-commerce stores.

WooCommerce Wishlists enable guests and customers to manage their own wishlists which in turn makes them come back to the store to add more items to their wishlist or make a purchase. This extension is bound to increase sales and conversion rates.

Price: $79 for a single site license

Google Product Feed


Using the Google Product Feed extension, your WooCommerce stores products will be added to your Google Merchant Centre feed. This is especially beneficial for small businesses as their stores products will appear in Google’s product search.

Google Product Feed enables users to fully customize and control which data and products they’d like to have added to their Google Merchant Centre feed. It is also compatible with WooTheme’s CSV Import Suite extension for businesses that need to import product data to their store in bulk.

Price: $79 for a single site license

Product Bundles


Creating bundles of products and selling them at a discount rate is one of the most practiced and most effective marketing strategies. WooCommerce’s Product Bundles extension enables users to create groups of products while giving you the flexibility to customize the bundles parameters – contents, pricing, shipping details etc.

Another tactic is to create a complex product bundle in which different parts of a larger item are combined. For example, if your WooCommerce store sells camp equipment, you can add a tent and sleeping bag in a product bundle.

Price: $49 for a single site license

Smart Coupons


Offering coupons to customers through your WooCommerce store is an effective rewarding strategy used by successful stores all over the world. Smart Coupons lets users offer coupons and store credit for marketing. They can also embed coupons into links and forward them to customers during promotional periods.

Smart Coupons can also be used to send gift cards with custom messages and the flexibility to link coupons to orders. The extension’s Apply Coupon with One Click feature displays a customer’s coupons on their Cart & My Account page.

Price: $99 for a single site license



WooCommerce’s Zapier extension allows you to integrate your WooCommerce store with over 230 third party web services – with one plugin! This all-in-one plugin lets you send emails and SMS alerts when there’s a change in the status of a customer’s order or if an issue arises with their payment.

Zapier takes care of your store’s accounting needs by helping you create invoices and contacts in your accounting system. If you have other team members managing orders with you then you can leverage its shared spreadsheet feature which integrates with Google Docs, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Price: $59 for a single site license

WooCommerce Points and Rewards


This feature helps users offer loyalty programs to customers who regularly buy products from their online WooCommerce store. The extension sets up a rewards and points program in your store which lets customers rack up points as they make purchases. Once they’ve reached a specified limit, they can cash in points for special discounts.

Price: $129 for a single site license

WooCommerce One Page Checkout


One of the biggest issues customers report about e-commerce sites is that the checkout process is complex. 1 in 10 people who abandon their cart do so because the checkout process is too long.

WooCommerce’s One Page Checkout extension enables you to move the entire checkout process to a single page. This essentially means that customers will be able to pick the products they’d like to purchase, checkout and make payments in one page.

Price: $79 for a single site license

Cart Add-ons


Cart Add-ons is an incredibly useful extension that enables you to associate a “suggested products” list with every product. When a customer adds a particular product to their cart, the products associate “suggested products” list is also displayed which enriches the overall shopping experience – and could lead to a potential increase in sales.

Price: $29 for a single site license

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