The Most Popular eCommerce Platforms

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The folks at crawl the web cataloging the apps and software that power the internet. They provide paid access to their database for researchers and sales people who want to identify users of particular technology, but they also publish a range of really compelling information on their trends site.

One of the sections there looks at ecommerce, and of particular interest to us the platforms used across the web. WooCommerce users will be very pleased to know that it is by far the most popular ecommerce platform used across the entire web at 29% of all ecommerce enabled sites.


Of course the wider internet comprises alot of small, crappy and/or abandonned websites, so to get a better view of usage across active sites it probably pays to look at just those more established sites. Builtwith let us do this by filtering for just those sites in the top million, top 100k or top 10k sites. I reckon the top 100k is a good balance as it will incorporate many medium sized ecommerce sites, and with none of the failed or forgotten sites that might still appear in the top million.

Looking at the data for the top 100k sites and the market share numbers are quite different…

woocommerce market share

Now we see that Magento has the greatest market share, by quite some margin if you combine the share recorded for Magento and Magento Enterprise. WooCommerce’s market share is still very healthy at 12%, and with Automattic having acquired the entire Woo business recently it will be interesting to see if better integration, and possibly integration through, will grow this number over the coming months. I expect WooCommerce’s market share is going to do very well in the coming years.

One thing that strikes me as odd in this data however is the conspicuous absence of Shopify. They have been growing like crazy for atleast a couple of years so I am surprised they don’t appear in these numbers.

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